TargetScan: Prediction of microRNA targets   Release 2.1: April 2005

Predicted miRNA targeting in 3'UTRs, as submitted to the UCSC Genome Browser       (Release 2.1)
These TargetScanS predictions (April 2005) are essentially the 3'UTR targets reported in the Lewis et al., 2005 paper, with a few changes arising from updated gene boundary definitions from the April 2005 UCSC genome browser mapping of RefSeq mRNAs to the hg17 human genome assembly. To avoid difficulties in browser display, the few predictions spanning splice junctions are excluded.

Predicted miRNA targeting, as published in Lewis et al., 2005       (Release 2.0)
These are the TargetScanS predictions published in January 2005, including targeting in ORFs.

Predicted miRNA targeting, as published in Lewis et al., 2003       (Release 1.0)
These are the original TargetScan predictions

Newest miRNA targeting predictions at       (Releases 3.0+)

1) Conserved Seed Pairing, Often Flanked by Adenosines, Indicates that Thousands of Human Genes are MicroRNA Targets
Benjamin P Lewis1,2, Christopher B Burge1, David P Bartel1,2. Cell 120:15-20; January 14, 2005.
2) Prediction of Mammalian MicroRNA Targets
Benjamin P Lewis1,3, I-hung Shih2,3, Matthew W Jones-Rhoades1,2, David P Bartel1,2, Christopher B Burge1. Cell 115:787-798; December 26, 2003.
1 Department of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2 Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
3 These authors contributed equally to this work


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